Susanne "Susi" Strese

Nanny, nurse, depiladora, mother and grandmother - Susi, is all that and also for the past 10 years she's a fan of waxing.
“I love the feeling of smooth, perfect skin”, that’s how Susi describes her love for waxing, she was one of the first customers of a large waxing studio in Nürnberg.
Shortly after that she had the thought of opening her own studio. As a certified nurse she had the necessary requirements and acquired a certificate as a delpiladora in 2013. In the small town Leups, two kilometers from the A9, Susi opened her waxing studio.
She was surprised how many people were looking for a fast and easy way of hair removal, even on the country side. She loves to meet new people, she says and notices how they appreciate her professionalism.


The Studio