Which wax is used?

Due to the valuable ingredients and the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile, the hot wax is suitable for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin types. It consists of purely natural ingredients.

Is waxing very painful?

There may actually be a bit of pain at the first waxing, but I immediately soothe the skin by placing my hand flat on the waxed area. Over time, the skin gets used to the waxing and after a few regular applications you feel no more pain.

Is waxing only for women?

No! Men usually have their shoulders, back, legs or chest waxed as well as sometimes the private parts.

How long should the hair be?

For best results the hair should be at least 0,5 cm long, which means do not shave for 2 weeks.

What should be considered before waxing?

Showering and not applying any creams is best for waxing.

What should be considered after waxing?

No perfume on waxed areas for a day. Intense sunbathing can damage the irritated skin. Every two to three days a scrubbing should be done to prevent ingrown hair.

How long does the result last?

Since the hair growth varies from person to person, no binding statement can be made here. Usually the hair starts to grow again after 10 to 16 days. Another 2 weeks later the hair removal can be done again.
Suggestion: Make an appointment with me once a month and you do not have to worry about hair anymore. Regularity pays off. As the hair becomes noticeably thinner and less, the intervals between appointments can be extended.