This type of hair removal is a centuries-old tradition.
The sugaring paste consists of sugar, water and lemon. The molecules are very small so they can penetrate the hair follicles and get a better grip of the hair deep down.
The special technique, called 'flicking', the hair is removed in direction of hair growth. Less hair is broken off with this method.

Which technique is the best for me?

In order to choose the right type of hair removal you have to decide for yourself what suits you best. If you tend to have a lot of ingrown hair and are more sensitive to pain I would recommend sugaring. I can tell you from my own experience that the `pain´ is the same in both methods - depending on your daily mood. One day the waxing/sugaring doesn’t hurt at all, the other day it does. While sugaring the dead skin cells are removed. Since the sugaring paste is just warmed up but not hot, for some clients it feels more comfortable than waxing. The skin doesn't get as much irritated. On larger body parts e.g. legs and back sugaring is more time consuming, that explains the price difference.